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Web browser tips

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Here are a few items to be aware of when using gWLM's web interface:

  • When using Internet Explorer, using the key sequence "CTRL + n" or the menu File New Window to open a new window can cause problems with graphing.

    Instead, start a new Internet Explorer session using the Start button or your Internet Explorer icon.

  • Multiple users can edit the same data at the same time. Whoever saves last, using either the gWLM graphical interface or the gwlm command-line interface, overwrites any previous changes.

  • Your browser's [Back] button may not behave as expected: In Internet Explorer, when the framesets are changed, the browser history is lost. Navigate back through the HP Systems Insight Manager header that is present at all times.

  • Your browser's [Refresh] button may not behave as expected. For example, using it when completing a wizard takes you to the first step in the wizard--regardless of the step you are on.