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Configure Events

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Reach this window by selecting:

Optimize Global Workload Manager (gWLM) Configure Events

gWLM can generate several events, available for viewing through HP Systems Insight Manager. This window allows you to enable event generation for the desired events.

The event table has three columns:

Event Name of the event (descriptions are given below the table in the Configure Events window)
Event Generation gWLM generates an event only when its state is Enabled
Severity Level An indication of how severe the event is for your environment

gWLM allows you to designate the severity of the events using the levels described in the following table:

Severity levelDescription
Critical Indicates a failure and signals the need for immediate attention
Major Indicates an impending failure
Minor Indicates a warning condition that can escalate into a more serious problem
Informational Requires no attention and is provided as useful information

HP Systems Insight Manager also provides a severity level called Normal, but gWLM does not use that level.

Viewing gWLM events

View gWLM events by selecting the Event Lists item in the left pane of the HP Systems Insight Manager. Then select the Events by Severity item. From there, select the item corresponding to the events you want to see. When you get to an events table, look for items where the Event Type column has a "gWLM Event" entry.

Also, you can use the links in the upper right corner of HP Systems Insight Manager to check uncleared events that are critical, major, or minor. (Uncleared events at the normal level are also available, but no gWLM events will be at that level.)

For information on handling the events listed below, see the gWLM Reference (at /opt/gwlm/doc/gWLM.reference.pdf):

  • Node Failed to Rejoin SRD on Start-up

  • SRD Reformed with Partial Set of Nodes

  • SRD Communication Issue