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Getting Started - gWLM Home

  HP Global Workload Manager (gWLM)

»gWLM concepts / overview
»Getting the most out of gWLM
Getting Started - gWLM Home
»Manage New Systems (Create SRDs)
»Manage Workloads
»Unmanage Workloads
»Edit SRDs
»Edit Policies
»Edit Workloads
»Edit Associations
»Configure Events
»View Summaries
»View Real-time Reports
»View Historical Reports
»Set Up Read-only Monitoring
»Web browser tips
»Tab: Shared Resource Domains
»Tab: Policies
»Tab: Workloads
»Tab: Associations
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Reach this window by selecting:

Optimize Global Workload Manager (gWLM) Getting Started - gWLM Home

or by selecting the [gWLM Home] button in the upper right corner of most gWLM windows.

The gWLM Home page groups gWLM menu items according to various tasks you might want to accomplish. It also provides the gWLM menu and related documentation.

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