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Set Up Read-only Monitoring

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gWLM allows you to authorize users to only monitor gWLM reports--without being able to change the gWLM configuration.

To authorize an existing user for gWLM monitoring:

  1. Add the user to the HP Systems Insight Manager system:

    1. Select Options Security Users and Authorizations

    2. Select the Users tab.

    3. Select the [New] button.

      You may have to scroll to the right to see this button.

    4. Scroll down to see the "New User" section that has been added to the window.

    5. Fill in the requested user info, leaving the following defaults as listed:

      • Copy all authorization of this user or template: (none)

      • Central management server config rights: none

    6. Select the [OK] button.

  2. Create an authorization for the user regarding the gWLM Monitor toolbox:

    1. Select the Authorizations tab.

    2. Select the [New] button.

    3. Scroll down to see the "New Authorizations" section of the window.

    4. Select the user for whom you are creating the authorization in the Select User(s) list.

    5. Select "gWLM Monitor" in the Select Toolbox(es) list.

    6. Ensure "System Group(s)" is selected in the Select pull-down list.

    7. Select "CMS" in the list to the right of the Select pull-down list.

    8. Select the [OK] button.