Writers: Clare Bernier, Scott Cox, Jerry Hill.

Last modified: January 7, 1997

The PinPoint Book QA Process and Checklist

This guide outlines the QA process for documents in the PinPoint browser. The guide includes the following sections:


The goal of the PinPoint QA process is high-quality online books.

What is meant by high-quality?

NOTE Our goal is not another editorial review.

What you need to do a PinPoint QA

The PinPoint QA is performed after the hard copy book has been through the ECN QA so that the reviewers are not tempted to make as many editorial comments. The writer is responsible for the first online review.


The issues concerning the QA process for PinPoint books are:

QA process overview

  1. The writer performs a QA of the online book.

  2. The writer fixes any problems observed during the self-QA.

  3. The book goes through the formal QA review. Reviewers compile a list of global comments.

  4. The writer fixes any problems realized during the formal QA.

  5. The writer completes the QA signoff checklist by spot-check.

  6. The main reviewer spot-checks (referring to the marked hard copy used during the formal review and to the global comments) the fixed online doc and completes the QA signoff checklist.
  7. (Optional) A secondary reviewer spot-checks (also referring to the marked hard copy used during the formal review and to the global comments) the fixed online doc and completes the QA signoff checklist.

    This optional step is strongly recommended for:

Summarizing global comments

Persons conducting online QAs need to summarize their comments. These comments should


This list details a procedure for checking the online book. The items listed must all be checked on a color display. Check only the presentation of graphics on a b/w display.

  1. Record the dates the online QA takes places, the date and time (look at the timestamp) the SGML files are generated, and the location of the book going through QA (the location is given by the COLLECTION line used in the .pprc file).

  2. Check the 8-character filename for the SGML files (this filename is the same as the last subdirectory listed in the COLLECTION line for the book) against the current release information available--through links--from the PinPoint information web page, the URL is http://wwwcpress/pinpoint/pinpoint.html.

  3. Check the book title against the book name in the book's Collection in PinPoint. Open the book in PinPoint.

  4. Check online title information against hard copy and printreq.
  5. Pop up the copyright notice and check it against hard copy.

  6. Check the Revision history page against hard copy.

  7. Expand the TOC completely and check all headings against hard copy.
  8. Switch the TOC view to List of Figures. Check each figure against hard copy--view figures both inline and iconified.
  9. Switch TOC to List of Tables. Check each table against hard copy--view tables both inline and iconified.
  10. Set the Main view so that tables and figures are iconified to review the text. Beginning with the preface, check all text (including appendixes) in the Main view. One strategy for checking the text is described below.

    a. Each time you come to a new page in the printed book, scan the page for font changes, code examples, lists, and cross-references (these entities cause the most problems).

    b. If you find any of these items in the hard copy, immediately check the online book for problems with the items in question.

    c. Mark the hard copy as needed and check the items in the list given below.

  11. The list below outlines what needs to be checked in the text of an online book.

QA signoff checklist

This checklist should be followed very closely for the self-QA and the formal QA. During signoffs, the checklist should be followed more loosely.

This checklist is an abbreviated version of the checklist above.

Book title _________________________________

___________ Date QA started

___________ Date QA finished

COLLECTION line used 

Timestamp of SGML directory _________________________________

_____ Book title matches title in PinPoint's Collection

_____ Order numbers match

_____ Edition numbers match

_____ Copyright notices match

_____ Revision histories match

_____ TOCs match


_____ LOF numbering is consecutive

_____ All figures are bitmaps

_____ Quality of images is acceptable

_____ Figures are not used when non-graphic, example text can be used


_____ LOT numbering is consecutive

_____ Font changes are preserved in table cells

_____ No straddling is used in tables

_____ No invisible cells are used in tables

_____ No "continuation" strings appear in table titles

_____ Paragraphs in table cells (if any) are preserved

_____ Font changes in figure and table captions are preserved

Body text

_____ All text in hard copy appears in online book

_____ Formatting of bullet lists matches hard copy

_____ Numbered lists are numbered correctly and match hard copy

_____ Definition lists match hard copy

_____ All cross-references are linked to the proper destinations

_____ No extraneous text appears in the cross-references

_____ Code examples are formatted correctly and match hard copy

_____ The "Example" string is not overused

_____ Subscripts and superscripts are in the correct positions

_____ Font changes in the body text are preserved
By signing below, you agree that the above document is ready to be delivered online and can be released in PinPoint.

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Main reviewer 

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Secondary reviewer

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