PRM 1.07 training

This training was developed with HP support personnel as the audience. However, it can be used as customer education.

The material follows a lecture/lab format and takes approximately 1.5 days to cover.

See the module titles below for an overview of the topics covered.

The training is in PowerPoint format. The instructor's notes and lab solutions files are in MS Word format.

Note: Many of the slides contain instructor's notes. These notes are not viewable when reading the slides with Internet Explorer. To view the notes, open the files with PowerPoint and select "Notes Page" from the "View" menu.

All files in a WinZip file

Instructor's notes, all modules, and lab solutions (WinZip)

Instructor's notes

Notes (Word)


PRM training overview (PowerPoint)

PRM installation requirements/PRM introduction (PowerPoint)

PRM concepts (PowerPoint)

Configuring PRM (PowerPoint)

Specifying PRM groups/controlling CPU use (PowerPoint)

Controlling memory use (PowerPoint)

Controlling disk bandwidth use (PowerPoint)

Assigning applications to PRM groups(PowerPoint)

Assigning users to PRM groups (PowerPoint)

Administrative tasks (PowerPoint)

Administrative tasks (contd) (PowerPoint)

HP-UX commands/system calls that support PRM (PowerPoint)

Troubleshooting PRM (PowerPoint)

PRM and other products (PowerPoint)

For more information (PowerPoint)

Labs and solutions

Labs/solutions (Word)