A sampling of my portfolio is given below. More recent work has been proprietary and is not available.

User's guides

    HP-UX Workload Manager User's Guide (1999 - 2005: seven editions)
    Created a task-based manual to assist system administrators in configuring the HP-UX Workload Manager, a product that dynamically allocates resources on a single server to ensure prioritized service-level objectives are met.

    HP Process Resource Manager User's Guide (1998 - 2008: eleven editions)
    Updated manual, ensuring consistent terminology, organizing the material in a more logical and task-based manner, adding a "Getting Started" section, explaining functionality in more detail, and generally making the manual more user-friendly. The associated software partitions system resources to ensure applications receive certain amounts of CPU, real memory, and disk bandwidth.

    STC Award of Merit.

Release notes

Online help

    gWLM (2004 - 2007)
    Created an HTML-based help system for the gWLM graphical user interface.

White papers